We Supply the Filters and Filtration Packages from Royal Dahlman Co.

Please allow us to inform you about Royal Dahlman’s main filtration specialisms, which add value to critical processes in the refining and (petro)chemical industry. Our filtration systems and packages have a cost-effective design and can be delivered in accordance with the most demanding requirements and specifications. Based on our proven track record, installed base with our end users and recommendations by leading licensors worldwide, Royal Dahlman is a renowned supplier of reliable filtration solutions:

  • Solid Fines & Catalysts Filtration Technologies in Gases (automatic blowback)

Removal of catalyst, flakes, fines, fluff, powders, etc. from (hot) process gas by means of fabric, or porous sintered metal filter media.


  • FCC Flue Gas Cleaning (full flow filtration/ TSS underflow filtration (FSS)/ catalyst hopper vent gas filtration)
  • polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) solids-gas filtration
  • (hot) catalyst fines filtration (CCR/ Gasification/ IGCC)
  • filtration of sticky and/or explosive fines (a.o. VCM, BPA, CMC, Melamine)


  • Solids & Free Oil Filtration Technologies in (brackish) Water (automatic backwash)

Removal of suspended solids and/or free oil particles by means of sand, nutshells or activated carbon.



  • cooling water (side stream) filtration
  • produced water filtration
  • source well injection water filtration
  • process water filtration (Boiler Feed Water, Condensate)
  • (offshore) seawater filtration (well injection)




  • Solid Fines & Catalysts Filtration Technologies in Oils (automatic backflush)

Removal of catalyst, sand, fines, impurities, etc. from (hot) oils by means of porous sintered, wedge wire or Dutch weave metal filter media.



  • FCC slurry oil filtration / (R)FCC
  • Special applications: heavy oil filtration, Hydrocarbons (condensates)




Our Products are include below items but not limited to them :

۱-      Liquid / Gas / Dust / Water Filtration Equipment  and spare Parts for different operations

۲-      Activated carbon Filter package

۳-      Walnut Shell Filter Package

۴-      Cooling Tower Filter Package, Side Stream Filter Package

۵-      Steam Filter Package

۶-      Oxygen Filter Package

۷-      Particle Filter Package  

۸-      Water Media Filters for : Cooling Water, Side Stream Filtration, Process Water, Well injection Water

۹-      FCC Filters (FCC Catalyst Hopper Vent Gas Filtration, Slurry Oil Filtration, Flue Gas Cleaning,etc.)

۱۰-  Heavy Coker Gas Oil (HCGO Filtration)

۱۱-  CCR(Continuous Catalytic Regeneration) Catalyst Fines Filtration

۱۲-  Gas Treating (Amine Filtration , Mechanical Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, SRU Filter, etc.)

۱۳-  Amine Filtration )New Technology(: Etched Disc Filter

۱۴-  Vane-Cage Scrubber(for dust removal in combination with absorption of SO2, SO3, NH3 or HCl)

۱۵- Solid Fines/Gas Filtration for Removal of catalyst, flakes, fines, fluff, powders, etc