Remote control of pressure regulators in areas at risk from explosive atmospheres
RecoR is the solution that allows you to fulfill the most binding requirements of measure and control:it combines the high performance and capabilities in terms of measurement of the solution RecoRp with a motor SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED and PATENTED by our Italian partner company to perform the remote control of regulating valves.
 The device RecoR is ATEX certified and can be installed directly in the cabins of pressure regulation or in areas at risk from explosive atmospheres.

The measure function is guaranteed by the RecoRp:
a device with high flexibility according to the configuration and the usage of many manageable signals (transmitters, indicators, temperatures, digital).
There are 6 integrated pressure sensors, 2 temperature sensors, 8 digital inputs (for management of alarms or volume counters ), 2 digital inputs O/I, 8 analog inputs for transmitters 4-20mA, 2 digital outputs O/I.   
The device RecoRp is ATEX certificate II 2G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb .
The RecoRp has a low power consumption and can receive power from different sources:
 a battery pack issued by us (with ATEX certification or non), external power supply DC 12-36V, solar panel (10W enough for the functioning in real-time), universal power supply 85-265V @50/60Hz by means of a suitable PELV transformer.
The RecoRp can work as a data-logger, acquiring data and spontaneously communicating them to the server (1 or 2 calls per day). In this mode the device consistently records the data in a report with variable rate (minutes, hours, days).
Alternatively the data logger can work as RTU, periodically questioned by MODBUS protocol (GNC, SIEMENS, RTU, ASCII, ENRON). It’s possible to integrate it with existing protocols.
The RecoRp is equipped with a modem, ATEX certified, provided with dual SIM for GPRS communications. It is also equipped with a RS485 communication port, also ATEX certified, with which it’s possible to communicate in Ethernet , radio, satellite and optical fiber.


RecoR integrates the functions of the RecoR-p making possible to remotely manage and manipulate gas regulation station referred to as a “direct regulation” and those classified as “with pilot device”.
Usually, this action is only done in manually through operation of mechanical rotation carried out by operator, causing the non-possibility to hasty act in case of failures or signals of abnormalities and to carry out operations of pressure regulation once only in the phase installation or maintenance of the regulator itself.


The RecoR system offers the following possibilities: