RPR Induction Disbonding System for Storage Tanks
Typical application areas
  • Thick rubber
  • Ebonite
  • Fiberglass
  • Epoxy systems
  • Traditional paint systems
  • – and many others
Main Features
It removes coatings with thickness up to 20-25 mm, including epoxy, rubber, glass, etc. Work can be done on tanks simultaneously with inspection and other maintenance work taking place.
Removal of disposal is easy and waste handling is reduced to a minimum.No grit or water to be transported or disposed off.
Considerable reduction of down-time!

RPR Buggy video on Petronor refinery
RPR Induction Disbonder used on coatings removal in storage tanks of the refinery of Petronor/Repsol in Bilbao. Instant Induction Heat break the bonding of the tank bottom lining. Motorized buggy provides high quality consistent rate of removal.

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RPR Induction Disbonder removing Duatank coating on Oil storage tank with RPR Inductioon Disbonder
Tank maintenance job, fast removal of the 600 microns Duatank coating, leaving a near to clean surface. RPR Induction Disbonder provides a safe working environment with no noise and no dust.
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Tank Lining in Trieste, Italy
Remove coating and paint fast and clean with induction thechnology. Harmless for operators and nature. Protect the environment!
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Removal of Belzona 1391 Hard Ceramic Coating
Kuurman removes Belzona 1391 hard ceramic coating average thickness 20-30 mm (800 – ۱۲۰۰ mils) within seconds. The coating is hard to remove with current treatments and cost a lot a energie and money. Kuurman knows a way to remove this difficult and thick coating. Kuurman way is FAST, LOCALIZED, CLEAN and SAFE for ENVIRONMENT!
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Coating Removal on a Crude Oil Storage Tank of PDO, Oman
Quick removal of difficult and thick coating GRE with induction heat from the induction disbonder of RPR Technolgies.
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Stripping Exterior and Interior Rubber Lining off Railroad Tank Wagon

۴ mm rubber is removed from this railroad tank wagon at high speed.
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