RPR Induction Disbonding System for Offshore
Typical areas of use
  • Anti-skid (Gangways)
  • Living quarters
  • Tank linings – water tanks etc.
  • Helicopter decks
  • Thick protective coatings
  • PFP (Passive fire protection)
  • – and many more
Main Features
Removes coatings with thickness up to 20-25 mm, including epoxy, rubber, glass-flakes, etc. Work can be done up to 100 meter from the main generator and during operation, simultaneously with inspection and other maintenance work taking place in the same sector. No grit or water to be transported or disposed off.

Removing Thick Antiskid Deck Coating, North Sea Oil Rig, Stord
The Induction Disbonder from RPR Technologies is using controlled heat, to break the bonding and lets you remove the thick antiskid coating easy.
Typical offshore job on for instance helicopter decks.
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